The ascension of Barack Hussein Obama has been 50+ years in the making.  As a life-long, mostly liberal, non-voting, apolitical democrat I did not become aware of Obama's existence until the 2008 campaign for the Presidency began dominating the news.  The media coverage of this relatively unknown candidate, with a booming voice and seemingly great oratory skills was so extensive that for the first time I was moved to tune-in to political broadcasts.  Little did I know that the booming voice was reverb enhanced and the speeches were written by someone else who then placed them on a teleprompter for candidate Obama to read. 
I began listening, watching and reading in earnest.  While the media was portraying Obama as the 2nd coming, my gut told me this guy is a huckster.  I soon learned that 'huckster'  didn't begin to describe the abomination that is Obama.  When in February 2009 President Obama told a billion people worldwide that he was proud to have passed a stimulus package containing no earmarks I was moved to write an 'Open Letter to Barack Obama'.   As I say in the letter and say now,  the greatest tragedy is that Barack "had the intelligence, charisma, and mandate to bring the American people together like never before.  Instead he chose to INTENTIONALLY split this nation asunder."
However, not in my most out-of-control imagination did I realize, until later, that Obama represents the culmination of a fifty year coordinated plan on the part of the radical left to infiltrate and impose its will not only on the government but on every institution and citizen  in America.  The ultimate goal is to transform what was once the freest and greatest country on earth into a 3rd world, communist dictatorship that will eventually fall under the jurisdiction of the United Nations Agenda 21, New World Order initiative. Had someone told me this in 2007 I would have had them Baker Acted.
Apparently there are still people who do not realize or do not want to believe that the crowning achievement of Obama and the Progressives (aka Socialists, Communists, Fascists) in Congress is to destroy our Representative Republic and replace it with a totalitarian regime. 

Perhaps you are familiar with best-selling author David Horowitz, who for many years was as far left as Obama.  In fact, had he not had his own epiphany, he would probably be Obama’s top Czar.  Who better to expose the motivation of this massive cabal of sociopaths? Along with several books , Horowitz has produced a pamphlet (20-minute read) available online that explains, from the 1960s to the present;  the who, what, when, where, why,  and how of the Obama/progressive agenda and the intentional dismantling of the greatest country on earth.  After reading this and viewing an equally effective Horowitz –sourced video clip below, everything Obama has done will make tragic sense.  In that regard, the non-citizen, Muslim terrorist in the White House is the most successful progressive president ever!  Breaking the System:  Obama's Strategy for Change.


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