Barack Hussein Obama
The Greatest Hoax in Human History - Page 3

“How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think”  ? Adolf Hitler

“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” ? Adolf Hitler

I was about to say that had Obama not been black he would never have been elected because the mainstream media and the other Gestapo groups mentioned previously would have exposed him for who he is and what he represents.   However, in this case, blackness alone does not give you a pass.  If Colonel Allan West (who I supported for office) was the candidate, those same groups who would lie, withhold and coverup any negative information regarding Obama, would have relentlessly demonized Col. West, called him an Uncle Tom, threatened him with death, and paid people to bring false charges against him.   What's the difference?  Alan West stands for honesty, integrity, individual liberty, personal accountability and limited government.  All those groups and individuals aligned with Obama, both within and outside the government would risk losing both power and money if someone like West were to become President.   To paraphrase NEA lawyer, Bob Chanin: it's not about the kids, it's about power.

I did not realize when in frustration I wrote an Open Letter to Barack Obama in March of 2009 (2 of the paragraphs are below) that I was underestimating the magnitude of damage this monster would inflict on our country in just 4+ years.  At that time I was still naive enough to think our Representative Republic, guided by a Constitution and  limited in its behavior by a system of checks and balances among the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches could not possibly fall prey to a coup d'etat led by a non-citizen, Muslim terrorist.  To my embarrassment I actually believed there was an opposition party and a Media dedicated to exposing and preventing actions detrimental to the existence of the State. 

Initially, I thought the counter-intuitive, counter-productive policies proposed by this democratic regime (it is now extremely difficult for me to use the word democrat – my intestines churn with rage) were simply the result of a group of politicians without a clue.  I soon realized that, on the contrary, what you have here is a brilliantly conceived and coordinated plan to foster a totalitarian regime – the Neo-Fascist Republic of America. Hitler would have been proud and I’m not being hyperbolic.  While it took Hitler many years and the killing of millions to decimate the middle and upper classes, it took the Obama administration a mere 50 days to achieve the same result without shedding a drop of blood.  What an accomplishment!   

Demonize the wealthy, consistently and persistently place blame on the opposition, take a crisis and intentionally make it worse in order to push through your agenda, publicly advocate laudable sounding ideas like transparency, non-partisanship, fiscal responsibility and accountability and practice the opposite; subtly attempt to control thought by controlling the language and the media (man-caused disasters, fairness doctrine – how sick is that), and get as many people and corporations as possible indebted to the government and you will win again and again.  The stench of mendacity permeates this administration - lies and damn lies, spoken with the mellifluous arrogance and cadence of a snake oil salesman.


Most significant of all: 

This has never been about what is best for society as a whole, it is exclusively about manipulating, indoctrinating and coercing the public to relinquish their freedom (by any means necessary) to gain power and control.  After 50 years of progressive infiltration of local and federal governments, the school and university system, the judiciary on all levels (including the Supreme Court); facilitating and mandating Voter Fraud, the Subprime Crisis and perpetuating the myth that their actions, aided and abetted by a complicit MEDIA, are for the benefit of the "underprivileged" -   their 'hard work' has finally come to fruition.